Lake Eden

A fresh start ... with an old friend.

A Brief History of Lake Eden

Lake Eden is truly a Parkland anomaly!

Located approximately 11 kms west of the Town of Stony Plain and 2 kms north on Range Road 20, Lake Eden is an anomaly. It is a pothole which has neither a channelized inlet nor a surface outlet. Lake Eden, which is completely surrounded by privately owned land, is considered a deep lake with a relatively small surface area. The lake quickly drops to a depth of approximately 16 meters and has a surface area of 19.45 hectares.

Lake Eden was originally named by the Lake Eden Fur Farm who operated a farm on the lands surrounding the Lake until it's sale to Willi and Erwin Zeiter in 1970. The entrepreneurial Zeiter brothers had a vision of developing a year round recreational destination resort in the Parkland area however, misfortune befell the Zeiter brothers and Lake Eden, as well as other Zeiter Brother holdings were placed in receivership and in 1983 the Lake Eden property subsequently sold.

Rich in memories, the year round resort Lake Eden once boasted over 30 seasonal cabins, 200 campsite, picnic tables, beaches and a boat launch for summer use, a downhill ski resort with tow ropes and chair lifts and an abundance of cross country ski trails. However, in 1990's after new ownership and several attempts to redevelop the property failed, Lake Eden was finally closed to the public. Since then the land has fallen into a state of disrepair and in 2010 the land was sold by Parkland County in a tax recovery sale.

The ownership group which purchased the parcel will be moving forward in the near future with development plans commencing with the preparation of an area structure plan to guide future development.

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