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External Information

  • Alberta Transportation Freeway Upgrades

    Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure has undertaken a functional planning study to upgrade Highway 16 to freeway standards between the Kapasiswin Road and Highway 779. The Highway 16 Functional Study has recommended proposed interchanges to be constructed as well as a series of service roads to serve lands adjacent to Highway 16.

    An open house was held by Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure and the following information was provided for community comment:

    1. Project Information Sheet
    2. Recommended Plan
    3. Public Information Session
    4. Comment Sheet
  • Parkland County Municipal Development Plan

    Managing future growth in Parkland County requires that the existing settlement pattern and current development rights be recognized while providing for new initiatives through policy direction that will encourage growth to be sustainable. A sustainable community applies the principles of smart growth. Smart growth means applying development principles that promote enhanced quality of life, efficient use of land to preserve the natural environment to the extent possible, and that result in healthy, sustainable communities that are fiscally responsible.

    A sustainable community allows for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For Parkland County, this means that the County will strive to be:
    A sustainable community that provides an enhanced quality of life by balancing conservation of its natural environment with economic prosperity and lifestyle choices.

    To achieve sustainability Parkland County has adopted the Parkland County Municipal Development Plan which includes a series of guiding principles with which to apply.

  • Parkland County Strategic Plan

    Parkland County has adopted a Strategic Plan in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. Council's Strategic Plan is the framework to guide Parkland County's long-term planning and decision-making process. The Plan identifies goals and strategies that will assist Parkland County in achieving its vision and mission. Council has identified six strategic goals area in which it will direct it's decisions and actions.

  • Parkland County Land Use Bylaw - Lake Eden Direct Control District

    The purpose of the Parkland County Land Use Bylaw is to facilitate the orderly, economical and beneficial Development and use of land and buildings within the County, and for that purpose the Bylaw, among other things,

    • divides the County into land use districts;
    • prescribes and regulates, for each land use district, the purpose for which the land and buildings may be used;
    • establishes the roles of the Development Authority;
    • establishes the method of making decisions on applications for development permits, including the issuing of development permits;
    • sets out the method of appealing a decision relative to this Bylaw;
    • and provides the manner in which notice of the issuance of a development permit is given.

    The Bylaw shall be applied in a manner that serves to implement statutory plans and local plans which have been adopted by the County, and is consistent with the County's Municipal Development Plan and the Municipal Government Act(hereinafter referred to as 'the Act'), as amended from time to time.


    1. These regulations shall be known as the 'Eden Lake Direct Control District Regulations'.

    2. These regulations shall apply to that area of the County which is adjacent to or within the vicinity of Lake Eden, and designated as a DC Area 5 on Land Use District Map 7of this Land Use Bylaw and which area is legally described as follows:


    3. The intent of these regulations is to enable the lands to be developed or used in a manner which will allow major, comprehensively planned, designed and environmentally sensitive recreational and residential development to occur in a properly planned, controlled and timed manner.

    4. No use, development or subdivision on any portion of the lands shall be approved by the Development Authority until such time as a detailed development plan for the portion of the lands to be used, developed or subdivided shall have been approved by Council.

    5. Any detailed development plan approved by Council for the lands may be amended, replaced or altered by Council from time to time.

    6. The Development Authority, except as is otherwise provided for in these regulations, shall have the sole and exclusive authority to regulate and control the use and development of the lands and buildings on the lands. In doing so the Development Authority shall have regard generally to the requirements and specifications of the underlying land use districts of the Land Use Bylaw and shall at all times ensure that any approvals for the use, development or subdivision of the lands shall comply with the detailed development plan or plans approved by Council.

    7. All applications for subdivision of all or any portion of the lands shall be referred to Council for recommendation and the Subdivision Approving Authority, and in considering each application for subdivision approval, shall be bound by the recommendations of Council

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